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In these paragraphs I sketch several decades of life making photographs. [In the digital age this relationship may be reversed.] The narrative is not all that interesting, but much better than the evening news.

Life with Nudes begins with THE WHITE PICTURES (early 1970s), an attempt to make photographs that looked like Beardsley drawings. It began with a nude which I gave that title. I can’t say now why this was important. I asked friends who were in couples to sit topless for a portrait in this mode. I was shooting in the kitchen against a white wall with little in the way of proper lighting, and I was experimenting with all the other technical requirements as well, so most of these sessions were not successful and fortunately do not survive.

ROBIN worked as "it should, the gods be blessed, because she has such a wonderful face and chest. THE HITCHIKER
really was a hitchhiker I picked up along Main St. in Buffalo and asked to model. The negative was not really suited to high key printing so it was difficult to print, but the shot was so good I was motivated to make it work -- with the help of, thanks to Bruce Jackson, Agfa #6 paper.

With DANCER I used high contrast copy film, and while this made abstracting the lines much easier, the pictoral elements were almost impossible to control so shooting was an almost random event.

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