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The DOCUMENTARY work includes occasional pieces as well as more intentional projects. There are miscellaneous street images, a kind of work I always enjoyed though never pursued as a focus of my time and always limited energy. There were some wonderful moments, though perhaps not so decisive.

Through the 1970s I visited Mexico yearly or sometimes twice yearly, staying at a local hotel in Merida, the capital city of Yucatan. A handful of images from these visits are worth preserving. Some have been printed at 20” and hold up very well. The city and the area in general exploded in popularity after Cancun opened.

THE BEGINNERS COOKBOOK was actually intended as a funny cookbook, the funny part being the “recipes” [i.e., “Pork Steaks: bring the steaks home. Unwrap them.”] combined with sort of classy photos of not very appetizing food. For the most part I shot my meals just prior to preparation with minimal technical augmentation.

LUTZ WEDDING was a commercial project done with friends who shot it in a more conventional fashion. The client preferred their work to mine. COMMUNITY FOUNDATION was an annual report project. ISAIAH MOHAMMED is the story of a small boy born with cleft palate embedded in a single parent family with four siblings as he proceeded through two surgeries. MARVIN’S WOODSHOP is a custom woodworking shop that still does things the old way. MARIA VOLKHARDT is an endurance runner and biker; the images do not do justice to the endurance part. CATARACT SURGERY is a medical office procedure in the days just before the technology explosion. VETERINARY MEDICINE is a day in the life of a vet and his staff. BREAD BAKERY is the night life of an old world bread bakery that survived in the new world for about one year.

Images of BIRDS & OBJECTS were largely produced during our time living aboard a BOAT, or close to that time in the mid 1980s. The selection of subject/object was dictated by proximity, so there are boats and birds and friends and mundane stuff. While chance may favor the prepared photographer, the image entitled KEY BISCAYNE was just dumb luck followed by some very good printing.

The archive collects images of large and mostly empty spaces along with objects and birds. I find big empty spaces to be very restfull even when they are intrinsically ugly, as in the case of parking garages.

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