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LIGHT PORN (early 1970s) was more than simply an experiment in reversing THE WHITE PICTURES. I had been thinking about porn for a number of years in other contexts. If conventional pornorgraphic ƒ elements were literally shadowed would the issue vanish?

There were about a dozen images in the final project; most were given away or sold and only four were reprinted for the MOSTLY WOMEN exhibit in 1980. There is also a poster, designed by Jan Thompson, created for the Light Porn party in '72. ANNE [Justin] modeled for me off and on for several years. She was thin and could hold a pose for decades, but the real attraction was the structure of her face. Moving the light gave one an entirely new person. Anne was with me while I fumbled through several of the projects in the early '70s. Several Light Porn images were shot with Anne and were used to construct the poster mentioned above.

Robin, the female half of one of the best White Pictures, modeled for Light Porn and is featured in "Robin White Dress. She was an extraordinary young woman: just a sohpmore in college when í I first met her, she had remarkable maturity while being cute beyond all cuteness. Working with her was anything but work.

THE BLACK PICTURES (early 1970s) are sort of Light Porn without the light. I was very impressed by the painting of black squares and wanted to see how deep one could print an image before it either vanished or the experience became annoying. They were certainly a pain in the ass to print since the dry-down problem is very severe in deep shadow areas. All of the large prints are gone save for the four reprinted as 6x9s for MOSTLY WOMEN, an exhibit in 1980.

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